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Women Health Initiatives

Under this, WESDO’s objective is to promote health and wellbeing through advocating for increased accessibility, availability and utilization of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Services and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. WESDO also promotes mental health and emotional wellbeing among women through various self-care approaches and support groups.

Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Maternal Child Health and HIV prevention

The aim of this program is to promoting awareness, participation and advocacy for better service provision in Sexual Reproductive Health, Maternal Child Health, HIV/AIDS and other health services among women and girls. WESDO builds community capacity to advocate for qualitative and quantitative Sexual Reproductive Health, Maternal Child Health, and HIV/AIDS care services. WESDO works with district and sub county health resource persons, nurses, Health Unit Management Committees, Parish Development Committees, village health teams (VHTs), youth peer educators (YPEs), Private health workers, Traditional birth attendants (TBAs), and community-based organizations, to promote access and availability of the reproductive health services.

We work with Community Health Workers to provide information, referrals and linkages to health facilities and follow up. Community Health Workers outreach programs contribute to identifying and getting mothers into health facilities in remote and inaccessible areas.  WESDO works with health workers and village health teams to conduct HIV prevention awareness exercises which include targeted out reaches, identification of new positives and enrolling them on treatment, follow ups on their retention and suppression of the virus as well as educating young people about the basics of practicing safer sex, abstinence and faithfulness so as to curb further spread of HIV/AIDS in our communities. We also work with likeminded partners and private sector to do direct service provision as well as enable women and youth participate in social accountability for improved service delivery.

In partnership with health facilities, WESDO organizes mobile clinics for counseling and testing, provision of Health products. WESDO also works with Youth Peer Educators (YPEs) and school clubs to carry out community and school out reaches to promote awareness of HIV and STIs through sports, music and drama. Not only does community positively respond to the campaigns but also gives the youth an opportunity to be part of a positive social change in their society

Through social movements and networks at grassroots and national levels, WESDO promotes sexual reproductive health and rights among women, men and youth in the reproductive age group, advocacy for grassroots communities to influence national and district health policies and create linkages to sexual reproductive health service providers in communities. 

We measure our contribution through women and youth accessing quality health services, functionality of community-based health supportive system and participation of women and communities in social accountability.