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Youth Empowerment initiative

Under this program, WESDO aims at enhancing decent employment for girls and young women through improved job skills and networks. WESDO focuses on girls’ inclusion in socio-economic development processes through vocational, entrepreneurship and life skills. To do this, we work directly with the girls themselves as well as community and hone in on specific spaces for girls to own, that do not just alter but transform girls’ realities in the future. We use a transformative and rights-based approach, which we define as a process of instilling girls with the necessary knowledge and practical skills, facilitating their confidence and determination and thereafter providing the financial means for girls to set up their businesses, create jobs and or employment for their fellow girls.  Within groups in which they form cohesion, the young women exposed to trainings that aim to increase their technical skillset and also soft skills through life skills such as: leadership, confidence and decision-making.

The technical skills are carefully mapped to ensure that this is a space that girls can truly own and have profitable ventures or careers. Skills based trainings in areas such as vocational arts, performance arts, Information Communication and Technology, Agribusiness are complemented with mentorship, access to finance and market linkages. Furthermore, these groups are exposed to sexual health and reproductive rights training and linked to service providers to ensure the girls are able to make decisions about their own bodies.